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Actually Autistic Educator

This podcast, hosted by advisory team member Jeanne Clifton, focuses on topics related to accessibility access and issues affecting the autistic, ASD and Asperger’s community. 

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Episode One: Rejecting the Blue

Jeanne (she/her) speaks with 3 other autistic individuals regarding how the focus on white boys and men in research has missed large sections of the autistic population and harmed those who fall outside of this model.

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You have a lot to do in your daily job; let TODD (thematic one-sheet document and directions) lend you a hand when it comes to key CARE and threat team processes.

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SITREPs give decision-makers a quick understanding of current mass shootings and other attacks. Each brief will include a video discussion of the event as a supporting document highlighting critical aspects useful for future prevention, a timeline and teaching slides.

The Atlanta Massage Parlor Shootings
March 16, 2021

Case One:

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Counseling Across the Pond

This video blog features David Denino and David Wilson talking about counseling issues as they related to higher education and K-12 or secondary schools in the United States and United Kingdom.

Episode Two: COVID and the Return to Campus

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These interactive case studies use audio/visual and video components to build a case for you to score on the Navigator. Our first case involves Matilda, a first-year college student studying at a residential, four-year university. She came from Lancaster, U.K. on a scholarship for soccer (football). It is now late October. A teammate shares a concern with you and the CARE team.

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The InterACTT library has been created to benefit educators, researchers, educators and chairs of CARE and threat teams as a clearinghouse of information related to mental health, suicide, threat and violence risk assessment, disability and accommodation, student conduct and CARE and threat team process and function.

Averting Targeted School Violence:

A U.S. Secret Service Analysis of Plots against schools

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